New Year Reflections & Five+ Years of Memex

New Year Reflections & Five+ Years of Memex

I find myself uncertain as to what to write, uncertain of what to do. The ambient sound artists – not necessarily music although also that – who upload hours of ambiance at a time, have been helpful this later year. 2020, it seems like a significant date – the end of a decade and the beginning of a new one.

Governments around the world are still spying on their citizens and that is somehow both unwelcoming and reassuring. I suppose the majority of the time there is no need to worry about it.

College, which I wish to not really elaborate on, has been a great experience and coming from a family of educators, I can highly recommend to honestly try it. It might not appeal at first, then eventually it becomes a part of life.

I recommend psychopharmaceuticals as a treatment to almost any ailment as a final resort. There are so many reasons why this is, and I would not really trust the internet in general to give you them. ‘The internet’, that impossibly large database of information both at expense and free, has too many opinions to be trustworthy, and robots are sometimes known for inaccurate guesses.

Serial Experiments Lain is still my favorite and most cherished anime. Other great anime series seen in 2019: Mushi-Shi, Boogiepop and Others, Haibane Renmei, Last Exile, Ergo Proxy, Kino’s Journey, Saiki K. I left some out and could probably write on and on about these anime, only to say, recommended.

Reddit is still rejecting many of my posts, which is fine because it is not a priority and I find post farming and looking at Earth Porn or reading the Buddhism subreddit redundant. /r/Buddhism/ can be very useful when you have questions. Sadly, as being a great place to learn, there are many uninformed opinions. That applies to much of ‘the internet’, and I am not infallible either.

A few VSTi and effects have been acquired and have been very useful:

Tried “AlterEgo” and could not figure it out. Pigment is still useful, most as a soft synth type of sound. Helm was useful while trying lots of free vsts. It is probably the best free bass I have found. Arcade has potential, mostly for ambiance. I discontinued it because it was not saving presets. Battery 4 is amazing, and so is both Exhale and Noire. Session Strings 2 is okay; I assume its counterparts that cost twice as much are much better although probably more suited towards orchestra. I do not seem to have the patience to use Palindrome.

Of course, upgrading to Massive X has been good, and the previous Massive is still useful.

I finally discovered SerumFX which has been very helpful for general sfx. Better suited for advanced sfx is Portal; actually it is sort of beautiful; there are many possible modifications. Still using Ozone 8 and Neutron 8 and do not see why to upgrade unless you want the new assist functions.

Learned more about the “last tweaked” function in fls.

Whatever your pursuits in life, try to not give up. You are worth everything you put into it.



What has been learned this year?

  • Listen to ambiance e.g. nature, fire, or the generic eight hours of snow falling on a lake.

  • Most of the time

  • Always try an alternative before a medicine

  • <3 Lain

  • Anime

  • ‘The internet’ is uninformed and can also be invaluable.

  • College advised

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