Post-EDM: Breakbeat + Dubstep and the Illenium Inspiration

Illenium is a favorite artist, and their new album Ascend is the best yet. My love of them began with Fortress and Sleepwalker from the album Ashes in 2016. They have been an inspiration during these relatively short years, and I wonder where the creative inspiration arises from. It must be an important place.

Owing to a desire to improve my ability remixing, I chose the final song from Ascend, Lonely. It uses transparent limiting for all of its exports, which is unusual and experimental. It seems to be best heard 25 to 50 percent louder. Transparent limiters reduce sound distortions as well as volume.

In an attempt to improve and find new ways of creating music, I have been experimenting with more complex mixing. This has effected the sound quality, and has improved overall.

Memex is unique in that it incorporates classical elements such as piano, vocals, (violin and cello to come soon), and sometimes bells or shutter sounds. Post-EDM is my interpretation of Post-Rock for electronic music. It uses the same buildup seen in many of the songs coming from Memex, with the climax at the end rather than an immediately heavy drop near the beginning. Sometimes there is no real drop, and ambience takes hold. Most of the time, the climax is a special moment near the end. Sometimes black metal percussion is used, as in a buildup of repetitive bass drums.

Post-EDM can be seen in songs such as from Calming Sirens in the current album Synergy, with its long ambient introduction and sudden climax. The entire Cult of Esoteric Illusion series can be considered Post-EDM. The Human Condition is an excellent example of this genre and style. There are other examples throughout the history of Memex.

In the new remix of Illenium’s from the album Ascend, the major drop is near the end, the second one of two. This remix can be found here: Illenium | Lonely | Memex | Remix.

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