ENFJ | The Capacity for Using Secrets With Compassion

Converting from an INFJ to an ENFJ has been an experience that I can only wonder if most people have had. My father used to talk about what he thought other people were feeling or thinking based on stories he told. It was mostly assumptions, and I learned many of the same cognitive thought patterns. I thought I was delusional for a very long time because of the way I thought people were feeling, and their intentions. I learned a couple of years ago the importance of understanding certain aspects of people. So, eventually, I became fascinated with these delusions, and began writing down my findings about human behavior. I may never be able to analyze my father before he can me, and I will never be able to outwit my mother in a conversation. In a psychology class, I learned that certain individuals are more inclined towards this specific ENFJ quality, and that it is not a delusion. There are a lot of initial assumptions that are likely not accurate, and it can take time to understand something about someone.

Memex | Departure | Equanimity

I think that everyone has secrets, whether they know it or not. Information withheld from any other given person. I believe that resolving the darker secrets leads to less hardship. In this case, ENFJ is an acronym that I do not think about much, but more often live. Sometimes the best option for humanity, is not to give humanity its own secrets.

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