The Silence: Artificial Intelligence and Buddhism

It has been some time since I last made an update. I read several Buddhist sutras. I wrote and continue to write a very very long journal about everything I think of (with a lot of philosophy included) in a word processor. I finished a novella during the time away. Writing is interchangeable with music, and both have their own qualities. It was not a binge, not an obsession like music, but rather it was a genuine interest and passion. Something that meant a part of me interlaced with the fibers of my body and being.

There had been some issues with my capability to access electronic music production software. Thankfully that has mostly ended with some assistance. I created a song as soon as possible, called, The Silence. Something inside of me felt an obsession, and when it was time for something besides making music, I went on composing anyways. That is not advisable, because it can cause issues.

The novella I wrote was nearly completely written in September. This has been a very eventful month. The story is about a high school guy and a highschool girl who are godsiblings. A war breaks out and they escape to a large house in the mountains. Tension between the two develops over time, resulting in a surprising ending. I have decided not to release it.

I have held onto almost all works of written word for at least a decade so far. Besides, of course, anything published (like this). I consider almost all blogs, tweets, posts, updates, etc., to be opportunities for people with more resources to use. If you are going to use someone else's ideas, at least have them be inspiration rather than your actual material.

The Silence is named after organic robots who are completely silent. Alternatively, Nirvana was called complete silence. The Buddha has described Nirvana in many ways. So, The Silence could also be about Nirvana. I think it is best when art is up to unique interpretation.

We can never know how other people perceive, because we are not them, including perceiving perspective.

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