Devoid of Thought

It is a sorry state of things when people with a genuinely capable mind also have a crutch. It is a worse state of things when people dislike those people because of their crutch. It is a further, more unfortunate thing when people who have not told about their crutch are treated better than those who have. A genuinely capable mind can be held back by ignoring that capacity for ability. Ignoring a capable mind might come because of fear – something which is both innate and important, and problematic.

I knew someone who could hold a conversation up to par with anyone else around him, but who had been held back and put into the “special class”. Because I struggled and mostly failed high school, I was put into the “special class”. It was only through my vehement persistence to be removed that I was able to continue on with the other students. I have often been put in classes, organizations, and so forth, that I did not seem to fit into. It was not until college that I was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa.

Having a crutch of the mind means that you rely on something, and it does not usually have your best interest. It is a crutch nonetheless, meaning that people with this crutch experience a mind with differing opinions that they are forced into obeying. When these multitude of opinions collide, discord can result. That is when the person experiencing is usually blamed. Sometimes it can feel like, when their behavior pushes everyone away, that no one can help. Ironically, misunderstandings occur in that this person does not ultimately want to make themselves miserable. They probably know that chaos is not order, and with that order brings the place for resolution. A crutch often times avoids resolution.

This is how many people come to despair, due to the misunderstandings that arise from behavior and their misunderstanding of their own behavior and the need for a compassionate response. Compassion is ultimately what will allow for self-realization and self-insight. The self is devoid of self; it is empty. By empty, I mean that every characteristic and every personality trait can float off and we would still be here. Except, we would be devoid of self. All of our senses can be gone, and we would still be here. Further devoid of self. Our identity of the mind, our concepts about life; everything and anything from the mind can be reset to empty. Then there is only consciousness. With consciousness we look inward, away from the self, away from our selves. It makes sense. But there is no concept of sense, only the real Self, the Pure, Bliss, a complete lack of suffering. It is not that we have no self, it is that it is devoid of anything real and lasting. Through meditation and using a compassionate and altruistic philosophy, resolution is more likely to occur.

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