Impossible Existence

How is all of this possible? I do not understand. I believe that it is real, but I can only believe that because it is relative to everything else, so everything exists. So it is real. How has all of this technology been created in such a short period of time? How has globalization played a role in this? Why are there floating balls in an empty place above us and how are some of them giant balls of fire that do not kill us? It seems fantastical. How can humans suffer to degrees at which it seems impossible? How can humans experience pleasure to a degree that goes beyond consciousness?

We assign meaning to things via words and their definitions. Is there anything which as of yet has no meaning? No words or definitions? Meaning is assigned to everything known, almost automatically, even by description of it. So, language or communication is the study of everything known. Because we cannot possibly know that which is unknown (until we discover it, in which case it is now known and not unknown), symbols occur. A symbol of something can be as simple as a representation of the thing itself. How is the mind possible?

This existence is what we think it is. It is also more. There is that which is perhaps communicable that cannot be qualified or quantified. There are more words or meaning to convey certain things that perhaps even our awareness cannot grasp. What am I? Who are we? How is the mind so vast? How is there no other species as advanced as ours? An anthropologist would know some of these, I am sure. Others maybe an astronomer.

Perhaps you know. If you do, please tell us. Perhaps you are trying to, perhaps you think you know and have no good idea. Or perhaps you only know part of the answer. I do not think there are any real answers, and I do not think that our consciousness can sustain or know such things if there were. All-knowledge, perhaps, knows something deep.

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