Give Yourself a Break

There are certain complications. I am having some difficulty making music as of late. It does not have to be this way, but I am afraid that my interest for the time being has dwindled. This is okay, because it happens after every few albums. Eventually, something reignites the flame, and melodies seem effortless. Now seems like a good time for self-reflection, in a superficial way and a deep way.

Thankfully, there are plans being implemented. I have had some good ideas for melodies, and the harmony would follow with it, as wood the bass line. A more melancholic album might come next - it has at least been thought about. This is in response to recent inspiration from brilliant dark piano artists. It reminds me of Obluda, the most emotional depictions of loss and grief to come from Memex. Music sways the emotion, the only time alone, or shared with others. The emotion sways us, our selves. Back and forth, back and forth. Into a rhythmic state.

It seems like everyone is getting sick, or dying. I suppose that is the way of life. Not everyone, of course; probably most people are not seriously ill. But, we all act like nothing wrong is happening - it is a fallacy, a mirage. And if we tell the truth, we are seen as nonsocial. Who wants to talk about death at a business meeting? Not many people, and that would be a characteristic meeting. So, we save it for the times when it is most appropriate. But even people who have the best of intentions to listen to you: "Hey, whenever you want to talk, just ask. I'll be there", sometimes ending up not wanting to be around you if you call them on that favor.

Thankfully, my friends in the past have always been very open minded - and I have had quite a lot of friends who understand. They are the ones who have helped the most in life, by far. If you do not have good and supportive friends or do not know where to look or want to but do not want to find friends, just know that they are there somewhere. So, I have had good friends in the past, and some not so great ones. It takes time and practice to find the right people. Practicing compassion can help you overcome any aversion towards other people’s suffering. In doing so, you both are relieved of the debt.

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