Sadistic Sensationalism: Can The Pain Wait?

Is it fun to think the worst?

I love the newspaper, with its flimsical paper type and words so printed in black that you can practically still feel them off the press. Content in the news itself is more than satisfactory. The news can stop there, but they continue, they show us things that are meant to incite excitement, feel better about our life and therefore want more reaffirmation that it cannot happen to us. They publicize and turn minor or serious issues such as shootings and gang violence into a parade, into something that gets a label and a folder and a file and maybe even a writing and investigative team and maybe their own department one day. We are monetizing an industry on other people's suffering. Likewise, some companies depend that other people stay sick, or meet an unfortunate end. That goes beyond the press, or the news online or offline. It ends up being word of mouth, and then you want to know what it was all about, so you start watching or reading or listening to the news.

A lot of people catastrophize. I am probably overreacting to the content on a newspaper, at least a little. Catastrophizing is the most common form of cognitive distortion there is. We exaggerate less important events because we think we see something there that in reality does not matter or might not exist. Many people do not fulfill their words; their behavior is not aligned with what they communicate it is. We do not need to exaggerate, and it takes insight to recognize when a cognitive distortion is taking place and how to manage and remove it. It is like pulling out a thorn. It hurts; but once it is pulled out with fingernails or tweezers or some apparatus, it hurts less.

Can the pain wait? I have asked it many times, and indeed, ignored a great deal of it. How do we live in a world where everyone is okay and hurting at the same time? Some people hurt more than others, and certainly in different ways from different causes. Yet, there is something that brings it all together in the word “suffering” or “hurt” or “pain”. Sometimes, I can be completely oblivious that I am hurting someone, such as insulting them without realizing it or using their things without knowing not to. That, contrasted with my life's mission: To help others. We hurt and we help. I think it might be that way in any relationship; and it would seem that hurt is inevitable.

Relationships are much more than a yes or a no. They are emotional, dynamic, personal in sometimes serious or profound way. You are interacting with and handling the life of someone else, because they could get attached to you, and you could get attached to them. When that happens, what happens to you and what you do impact them - it happens to them in some way. There is pleasure, pain, all in between and out of.

There are many beneficial events and actions in the world that we would grow more from by listening to, reading, or watching in the news. Some of these are already reported on. Rather than focusing on the problem, we can focus on the solution. Find a solution, send help, discuss a disaster’s opposite. People want to love, they do not want to suffer.

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