Immeasurable Pleasure and Incomprehensible Pain

writing turned into music,

over time

I have written as much as I need to write

I assumed

and still do

creating and learning to produce music was challenging

but it was a haven

an escape

art in general has been supplemental of lost relationships and things that happened which did not need to have happened

when listening to Memex

I remember creating it

and the times in which it was made

those times are highly reflective of the ephemeral nature and uncertain beauty in much of my life

some people are afraid to touch what can heal them


I have found plenty of hugs in the last couple of years

this is also highly reflected in newer albums of Memex

for instance

the excitably buzzing energy of Siren Song

(there is an amazing B-Side in Siren Song quite possibly my favorite track to be released)

then the more neutral upbeat of Ethereal

to be honest

and I believe in honesty because it can bring authenticity which in turn reveals true qualities and is often times appreciated more than deception

to be honest

Ethereal was meant to be almost exclusively similar to the first track

higher quality was meant to occur over time

and while this still will be the case

certain assessments will be carried out to determine the next serious course of action

the way in which Memex is created will be reconsidered

and the general feel may meet a new introduced one

hopefully the transition will not last too long

production may slow down beginning in August

or it may continue at its current pace

it depends on circumstances

I often times think about the suffering

and wonder how it is possible

perhaps this has been written about before

certainly Buddhism discusses it at length

I do not think that nearly anyone understands human suffering completely

because they have not suffered in every way

and therein lies the problem: We are designed to experience immeasurable pleasure and incomprehensible pain

if there were some kind of formula to end human suffering

I am sure that many people would work tirelessly and go to great lengths to acquire it


I write

and make music


it is mostly for a personal emotional resolve that I wish to connect with to others on some level

possibly to receive affirmation and resolve a past unintended on misguided sayings and secret love

music saved my life

and Memex is epic

realistically speaking

I create music for other people

because I want to give back for a

and to have a connection on an audio level


due to the wavelengths of sound

I am hoping to provoke that which is most beneficial

perhaps to be a part in ending suffering

perhaps for some other reason

certainly to appreciate and enjoy music

at the very least

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