Dreaming of a Preferred Reality

Sometimes I question reality. Not to say that I question what is real or not real, but rather, sometimes I question what is true. I ask, “Is that thing truly what it seems? What it says it is?” Often times I find that it is false, and usually it is true. Sometimes, where the grey line disappears and there is nothing but empty space, I find something completely different and unexpected. Life is like that, only most of the time we do not look for them.

Sometimes reality is wrong. These paradoxes do not come often. When something happens that by all means possible was not meant to or could not happen. For me, it is usually social, and I feel as though I might jinx seemingly impossible paradoxes. Examples cannot usually suffice to explain these unique occurrences, because they occur in a moment that is forgotten or too precious to cheapen through words. So, they go away, just as they had come; from nothing, to nothing. From nothing there came something – something made of an environment. Nothing became something based on something; yet, nothing cannot exist simultaneously with something, so there must only have been something.

Sometimes I question too intensely, and forget what is important. I miss the larger picture, and focus on the fine print. What is it trying to say? I ask, not knowing the answer. Usually I have a pretty good idea of what it is, and usually it turns out that idea was only a fraction of the truth. I pride myself on being right about otherwise unimportant things, such as small details; like guessing an answer to something which was questioned an hour ago.

I am far from perfect – a phrase you have probably heard in your own mind. Even now you are thinking of this and this and so forth and so on until you sleep, and then you think through dreaming. It is very precious little sleep that constitutes REM, the savior of sanity, and something I wish I had more of throughout life. How can we be sure we are not dreaming in waking life? Some things seem real when in fact they are not, and we may never know that they were in fact false – we may go through our entire lives experiencing or thinking something which is impossible and not based in reality, and never realize that fact. So, I question my thoughts and beliefs which has, I find, refined them into something stronger and more congruent with what I then realize is closer to what I actually believe.

Is reality worth talking about, or is it best to simply experience it and move on? When will this sentence end or is it best to keep something unending running? I guess not. Everything has an end, even this sentence

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