A brief introduction.

April 10, 2018

“Hello. Historically, I have been called by my birth name, although in this context I am known as Solace. Named so because of my generous demeanor, I forsook those I once helped for a different life

I am both naturally and originally a writer of the descriptive type. SFX is not an uncommon theme among art, and I turn highly colored explanations into sound. The scrape of distortion before a heavy scene is foreshadowing of its nature. Perhaps it is something softer that recalls memories prior. Tempo is the immediacy of a [evoke imagery], while rhythm describes how. Imagery is varied, and one can feel sound like the soft of satin or coarse of a rusty nail individually, or come together at times. I try to avoid clichés, but believe in irony; so in a way, everything has a purpose. The description itself might be cause for a reaction. And a reaction is essentially what writing is about, what music is about. The movement of sound and story must come together with the movement of the subject. Without a response, there is no purpose. Honestly, it will not be said; and, honestly, readers and listeners, writers and musicians, are subjects; they become statistics to marketing campaigns and peer reviewed studies. To many, by simply being human and interacting with a work, it becomes much more personal. That humanity cannot be taken away despite being a statistic.

I have been writing unprofessionally for fifteen years. I have written a two part novel, novella, novelette, and countless short stories, along with poetry. Writing is where the fascination – the obsession – comes in. Poetry is where it bleeds through, bleeds through the paper with emphasis on much more than what can be conveyed by modern mediums. Music fills many of the gaps left by writing; there is also something unending about it. It relieves what could otherwise not be. The dynamics of sound became a way to find refuge in an otherwise unpleasant world; indeed, it became a serious study for a time. Sounds generated via modern mechanisms have rivaled thousands of years of musical instruments. There is a belief that they can coexist. The way that we listen to music will continue to progress until our certain growth cap is reached, progress comes into question, and we simply stagnate technologically. We are in the earliest phases of digital audio compared to the thousands of years we may effect.


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