Socializing Music: Reaction, Manifestation, Interpretation

Music is an attempt to share experience, the only real thing that cannot be shared – what we see in the way we see it: the way the leaf falls as the sun in the foreground casts an evening barrage of rays through crackling trees and a pastel grey side street. Music is the colors we feel emotionally, and try to eternalize through sound, in the hopes that it will not die with us, as though it would not. We may never be able to manifest it, or eternalize it, though, we can share it through bright lazer lights and a heartbeat so heavy you can feel it in the floor. It is a part of a guitar campfire in the woods. Music seems like an attempt to share something greater than ourselves, something which goes beyond what we can sense, which goes beyond what any person can accomplish with hands alone. It is the thing that encourages people through rockets falling or a long night at home, and keeps their hope safe. Ultimately, music is shared; from one human to another. And no matter what human that comes from, know that it came from the same place.

It is a mutual cycle. What dare be seen within, that which what music comes from, becomes, manifests, and in the lives of others, that reciprocal cycle continues. From a thought, to a feeling, to a reaction. Still, something causes this unique reaction. Music is one medium of many that can be used in this way, and it does not need to be shared. Surely, what we experience is ours alone – it can never be shared. When writing, music, art, something technical which has personal meaning, is shared, it is like giving something away which came from a difficult place and melded a reward. In listening to music, sometimes day and night because of rapid enjoyment, sometimes sparingly so that it is not dulled, something happens in our mind, and I am sure a scientist in the field of wherewithal relevant title, can attest to this. Any psychologist who agrees with the following will tell you that something matters in music. Perhaps one day we can see through another’s eyes, see white snow against a white bush on a windless street feeling emptiness all around you and knowing your headphones might becomes damp, and knowing it is time to go inside.

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