Change In the Darkest of Times. Quality Shift. Thinking Long-Term and Living Today. An Update.

I have long looked forward to a request for transcriptions of tracks. That is, sheet music. None have come; although, I have provided the score for Animus . The score for Shadow has not been released, being that it has mostly a simple and repetitive bassline (which I suppose some might appreciate).

Over the course of three and a half years, I have lost some original material. However, all tracks remain. Different versions of certain songs were lost, almost exclusively copies of the same song worked over again as a means of preserving any lost information. This occurred in the Summer of 2017, when times were changing and something better was taking place. It can be seen in Memex, the shift in late 2017. It seems that sometimes the darkest of times hold the most change – in any direction. UNITY, the name of an album from Memex, was created in such a time. Dark glitch and distortions characterize it, yet the quality had improved – as have most tracks, given time. With time, I suppose, quality will continue to improve, given consistent study into music (an overly general word). Siren Song marked the beginning of a new era for Memex – it had been planned. Characterized by epic synths (also a general word, but which can also describe any element to a genre that is generally dramatically orchestral), its image conveys something more important than what appears at first to be the case.

There will be far more challenges in the future, and some which occur now, whether known or not. At present, I am finding another progressive shift in the way Memex is created challenging, interesting, and enjoyable. Hopefully the quality of Memex can continue to improve, rather than stagnate or worsen. The atmosphere is supportive, yet it is incredibly competitive. Record labels are looking for a certain sound that many artists are unwilling to change towards. People with different values of how to conduct their promotion will perform particular and differing ways of reaching out to people. It seems like, after so many years of trial and error, that if you can finance it, you will become established. Memex has always had the value of being genuine, having authenticity in every reasonable way. It is, perhaps, a downfall of this project, but one that I believe has positive long-term benefits. That is greatly what drives Memex, thinking about the long-term. Not a year from now; yes, a few; and also into the foreseeable future.

There are approximately 200 tracks that comprise Memex. It is an achievement in which I can only give appreciation to enjoying listening to, making, and sharing music. I would encourage anyone who has a talent to pursue it, thinking long term. With that time frame in mind – a person’s entire life, that is – many things can happen.

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