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Sadistic Sensationalism: Can The Pain Wait?

Is it fun to think the worst? I love the newspaper, with its flimsical paper type and words so printed in black that you can practically still feel them off the press. Content in the news itself is more than satisfactory. The news can stop there, but they continue, they show us things that are meant to incite excitement, feel better about our life and therefore want more reaffirmation that it cannot happen to us. They publicize and turn minor or serious issues such as shootings and gang violence into a parade, into something that gets a label and a folder and a file and maybe even a writing and investigative team and maybe their own department one day. We are monetizing an industry on other

Immeasurable Pleasure and Incomprehensible Pain

writing turned into music, over time I have written as much as I need to write I assumed and still do creating and learning to produce music was challenging but it was a haven an escape art in general has been supplemental of lost relationships and things that happened which did not need to have happened when listening to Memex I remember creating it and the times in which it was made those times are highly reflective of the ephemeral nature and uncertain beauty in much of my life some people are afraid to touch what can heal them although I have found plenty of hugs in the last couple of years this is also highly reflected in newer albums of Memex for instance the excitably buzzing energy o

Discussion on Darkness, Expression, and Beauty

Discussion on Darkness, Expression, and Beauty Fragments has Dreamwork, Hypnagogia has Surrender, and Medicine has Identity. I have yet to make a truly dark album for a year. The closest to one would be UNITY, based on a glitch style in both artwork and and and in sound. The time around Medicine was challenging – personal experiences were saying it was time to think seriously about the future. It was time to learn more about dignity and self-respect. I did not previously have a great understanding of self-respect before Medicine. But the changes that occurred afterwards were profound. During its creation, I spent most of the day working on the details, upping that control, adding a filter he

I Am Me, That Is

It turns out that, in some certain cases, fighting to maintain stability and homeostasis causes or continues instability. By fighting for peace, we assume instability. And perhaps stability has been there all along, and our attempts at stability are in fact the very nature of instability. That can be okay, however, because sometimes you have to take a step back in order to leap forward. Sometimes. It seems like there are so many little rules to life, and I just cannot quite figure them all out. I have learned many things, and yet there are still more years to go, to learn, to die over and over and live over and over and suffer and pray and love and hate and say I'm sorry too many times until

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