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Dreaming of a Preferred Reality

Sometimes I question reality. Not to say that I question what is real or not real, but rather, sometimes I question what is true. I ask, “Is that thing truly what it seems? What it says it is?” Often times I find that it is false, and usually it is true. Sometimes, where the grey line disappears and there is nothing but empty space, I find something completely different and unexpected. Life is like that, only most of the time we do not look for them. Sometimes reality is wrong. These paradoxes do not come often. When something happens that by all means possible was not meant to or could not happen. For me, it is usually social, and I feel as though I might jinx seemingly impossible paradoxes

Change In the Darkest of Times. Quality Shift. Thinking Long-Term and Living Today. An Update.

I have long looked forward to a request for transcriptions of tracks. That is, sheet music. None have come; although, I have provided the score for Animus . The score for Shadow has not been released, being that it has mostly a simple and repetitive bassline (which I suppose some might appreciate). Over the course of three and a half years, I have lost some original material. However, all tracks remain. Different versions of certain songs were lost, almost exclusively copies of the same song worked over again as a means of preserving any lost information. This occurred in the Summer of 2017, when times were changing and something better was taking place. It can be seen in Memex, the shift in

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