30 Circles

Album 30. Circles

Circles is the 30th album to come from MEMEX. 29 tracks originally meant to be three longer tracks that were eventually divided into albums 30. Circles, 31. Solace, and 32. Witness Creation.. These three are a celebration of MEMEX's six years of continuous production and reaching the 30th album.

Circles is a compilation album created using scores and percussion from the most recent previous albums, and quotes from Serial Experiments Lain episode three.

1. My Highest Love, My Endless Flight

2. Merciful Arch

3. Death Covenant

4. Luminescent Vision

5. Crimson Paralysis

6. Mental Symmetry

7. Sleeping Sanctuary

8. Dark Vessel

9. Labyrinth

10. Numb

11. Signs

12. Purity

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