29 Surrender

29. Surrender

The album cover to the twenty ninth album, Surrender, is of a rainbow from the anime Mushi-Shi. The rainbow represents our attempts to reach an impossible goal, and yet are driven by the fact that is impossible to reach. Perhaps curiosity compels us. Perhaps it is admiration for that which is beyond our grasp, reaching for a rainbow that cannot be got at and yet calls for our attention.

Surrender has possibly the highest quality sound of any album to be released so far.

Surrender is the twenty ninth album to come from Memex, and has the highest quality sounds so far. Inspired by the concept of surrendering to something greater than ourselves, the album cover is an image of a rainbow from the anime Mushi-Shi. The butterfly has been in use off and on for several years, and has finally found an album. It has been placed at the center of the album cover for Surrender.


Ongoing is the 'Enter the Void' project at www.omnimemex.com/void
It is both revealing and esoteric, and hopefully something from the project can be meaningful to you, as is the goal of Memex.

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