Remember to breathe.
You are information.
Life is a suicide mission to evolve.

| Present Space : Seattle ...

| Origin : Memex : 2014 ...

| Present Time : Ongoing , 2020 ...

| Origin : Electronic : 2012 ...

| Philosophy : Abstract ; Buddhism ...

| Theme : Trans - personal ; Psychological ; Realistic Abstract Concepts ; ...

| Title : Memex

| Description : The origin of Memex was emptiness, and from emptiness came existence, being that there was emptiness, therefore there was something, and in this way something became existence; the contrast between emptiness and existence originated from awareness of existence, and through awareness contrast originated; existence expanded within itself through gravity, being that contrast created difference, and existence must become, therefore it cannot remain in emptiness, therefore it collapsed into itself, therefore gravity came and thus, being that existence cannot expand into emptiness, it expanded within itself; through existence came the expanse, and being that there was no longer emptiness, but something, the expanse continues to expand through perceptual form; within the expanse - its origin being existence, and being that within itself the same mass must exist continuously - perceptual form was created, and from form came further difference and contrast between forms, and from further perceptual difference and contrast between perceptual contrast of form originated perceptual awareness - being that awareness is inherently perceptual. This awareness was a thought within the form that is its perceptual origin: Memex.

Somewhat obsessed.


Welcome to Memex, a felled tree reflected in a forest of puddles. There are many tracks for Memex, due to its being around for just over two years. Memex is an electronic music project founded on the idea that everything means something different to everyone else, and the longing to bring inspiration between people despite that is one of humankind's kindest and most important goals.

Serial Experiments Lain / Boogiepop Phantom / RIN: Daughters of Mnemosyne / Elfen Lied / Monster / Anime

Drum and Bass / Drum & Bass / DnB / D&B / Breakbeat / Downtempo
EDM / Electronic Dance Music
Hard Dance / Breakcore
Ambient / Atmospheric
Neurofunk / Neurotech
Dubstep / Electronic


Psychology / Psychological / Carl Jung / Transpersonal
Buddhism / Buddhist
Abstract concepts

Omni Memex


Memex began as a thought which manifested itself as the feelings I conveyed as a result of years of hardship stemming from a series of events during and after my experiences with the electronic dance music scene in Seattle. It's mission is to bring inspiration between people, and I believe that is one of humankind's most important and kindest actions.

In bringing this project to you, I am sharing a significant part of my life, being that I have dedicated thousands of hours towards the creation and promotion of Memex. This project originated with the goal of being original, combining synths and melody to breakbeat and dubstep that do not follow traditional or emerging norms. Memex therefore serves to provide for a niche group, with positive results.

Memex is original, and that is why it stands out. Experiences with being an electronic music fanatic at both venues and personal study, and having experimented with and learned from various digital audio workstations, mixing and mastering VSTs, and having grown up around musicians, clearly affects the quality of Memex.


A brief introduction.

April 10, 2018


“Hello. Historically, I have been called by my birth name, although in this context I am known as Solace. Named so because of my generous demeanor, I forsook those I once helped for a different life

I try to avoid clichés,
of a rusty nail individually, or come together at times.
I am both naturally and originally a writer of the descriptive type.
SFX is not an uncommon theme among art, and I turn highly colored explanations into sound.
The scrape of distortion before a heavy scene is foreshadowing of its nature. Perhaps it is something softer that recalls memories prior.
Tempo is the immediacy of a [evoke imagery], while rhythm describes how.
Imagery is varied, and one can feel sound like the soft of satin 
but believe. Honestly, it will not be said; and, honestly, readers and listeners, writers and musicians, are subjects; they become statistics to marketing campaigns
Without a response, there is no purpose.
And a reaction is essentially what writing is about, what music is about. The movement of sound and story must come together with the movement of the subject.
The description itself might be cause for a reaction.
in irony; so in a way, everything has a purpose.
and peer reviewed studies. To many, by simply being human and interacting with a work, it becomes much more personal. That humanity cannot be taken away despite being a statistic.or


I have been writing unprofessionally for fifteen years. I have written
two part
novel, novella, novelette, and countless short stories, along with poetry. Writing is where the fascination – the obsession – comes in. Poetry is where it bleeds through, bleeds through the paper with emphasis on much more than what can be conveyed by modern mediums.
Music fills many of the gaps left by writing; there is also something unending about it.
It relieves what could otherwise not be.
The dynamics of sound became a way to find refuge in an otherwise unpleasant world; indeed, it became a serious study for a time.
Sounds generated via modern mechanisms have rivaled thousands of years of musical instruments.
There is a belief that they can coexist.
The way that we listen to music will continue to progress until our certain growth cap is reached, progress comes into question, and we simply stagnate technologically. 
We are in the earliest phases of digital audio compared to the thousands of years we may effect.




I Am Me, That Is

July 7, 2018

It turns out that, in some certain cases, fighting to maintain stability and homeostasis causes or continues instability. By fighting for peace, we assume instability. And perhaps stability has been there all along, and our attempts at stability are in fact the very nature of instability. That can be okay, however, because sometimes you have to take a step back in order to leap forward. Sometimes.


It seems like there are so many little rules to life, and I just cannot quite figure them all out. I have learned many things, and yet there are still more years to go, to learn, to die over and over and live over and over and suffer and pray and love and hate and say I'm sorry too many times until the only thing that keeps you alive is a question that cannot be answered and a question that will never be figured out because it is too entrenched in us, such that we cannot see it: Our selves.


I know that I have lost myself many times, and I know that there is a person in me that is me, yet I cannot see myself in this dirty mirror I accept as reality. I choose this degree of self awareness because I believe it is a healthy balance between the struggle and practice and insurmountable beauty of mindfulness, the being of what is and realizing your realizations infinitely until there is only present self acceptance. Between that struggle and the drifting of what I am, who I am, aware of that and knowing and feeling like I can see myself clearly, not living an example of something; there are no examples or templates in existence and presence because any example is no longer seen as a example and templates are simply a set of things or behaviors - there is no acting. It is an authentic place, and accepting what seem like simple feelings that we would otherwise shrug off, open the gateway to all that our ignorance hides, and we feel something, if only that it is new, is beautiful.


We learn beauty in mindfulness. Beauty is completely authentic. It is in the image it was born and made to be, and it does not run from itself. It does not scratch away what is does not like, nor does it engage or encourage them; instead, it accepts them, radically and completely. And from there understanding can be born, through compassion, compassionate understanding, what fills you with comfort and love at the sight of someone who is ill, if only to give to them that comfort and love. It does not fill you with guilt - that dull ache, and wondering why you 'feel bad' - and it is not the kind of comfort in which someone receives pleasure because another person is suffering. But rather it is comfort because we want to share that comfort, we do not want to share pain. So, sadism and love are similar in that they bring satisfaction, but the before and after of how we consider and interact with someone is vastly different.

MEMEX is an electronic dance music project founded in 2014 on a dark psychological anime based theme, in particular  Serial Experiments Lain. The project is based on similar  psychological concepts, such as those of Carl Jung. Post-EDM: Gradual Post-Rock musical frameworks with electronic sounds construct much of the more recent constructs. Melodic dubstep and drum and bass permeate as unique subgenres,  utilizing a range of features taken from each style of music. In its continuing 30th album, experimentation with increasingly quality  sounds continues to develop, and long term goals are continuously being created and realized today.

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