Displacement is the ninth electronic album to have come from Memex. The cover of displacement represents the philosophical concept that when one thing is displaced, not only does something else take its place, but that which is displaced effects something else, which is turn affects something else again. In a sense, it is a sort of ripple effect. The background image is Lain, from Serial Experiments Lain, tied with cords and laying on the floor. The album title Displacement is taken from the track of the same name from the album Fragments, being that the track in some ways represents Memex’s more solemn aspects. The album Displacement had several tracks not presently available, as they were removed during production and now reside as b-sides. Transparency is akin to the track Nirvana from Unknown in many ways; both are liquid drum and bass with a more natural tone found in acoustics, although they were mixed and mastered using digital means. The most significant track from Displacement is likely Understanding, drawing on the theme of the album of goodwill and intimacy. Displacement was released in April 2016

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