Fragments is the emotionally darkest and psychologically deepest album to have come from Memex. It begins with breakcore and EDM, heavy kicks, and moves into drum and bass and breakbeat, neurofunk, interlaced with glitched IDM. Dreamwork is arguably the best neurofunk track to have been produced. The image on the cover of Fragments is Lain, from Serial Experiments Lain, after quoting, “No matter where you go, everyone is always connected.” The image is simple and powerful, and lends a hand to the quality of the cover and the identity of Memex. An Instant Realization Sees Endless Time is the beginning of a koan taken from a book on Zen Buddhism and, being the first track in the album Fragments, seems fitting. The song was created some time before Fragments was released, approximately when Layer was created. Fragments was originally intended to be a compilation of b-sides, or unreleased tracks from a variety of previously finished albums; only the first two songs have previously unreleased tracks; the rest of the album is work created during the time of Fragments’ construction. Fragments was released in November, 2015.

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