28 Void

28. Void. There is an album cover from both Mushi-Shi (the anime of which the album is originally based on) and from Haibane Renmei of Rakka.

Void is an album originally released 11/05/19 on Soundcloud and has been released to Spotify among others. It uses the Post-EDM concept that has been utilized as early as Ascendance and in particular in 2015 with Fragments in the songs Displacement, Fugue, and Amaranth, and includes dubstep sounds with breakbeat percussion. Of course, breakcore is used, and as per that trend, the resonance of deep bass and fast singular kicks gives many tracks a change in tone once in a while.

Ongoing is the 'Enter the Void' project at www.omnimemex.com/void
It is both revealing and esoteric, and hopefully something from the project can be meaningful to you, as is the goal of Memex.

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