25 alas, eden!

25. alas, eden! is the twenty-fifth album. With that, it is difficult to say what kind of progress has been made over the five years, or if Memex has mostly changed. The album is mostly experimental electronic with an emphasis on drum and bass, some dubstep towards the beginning, and dance. It is being released to several major services.


alas, eden! has a melancholic yet fun nature, and includes a theme of emptiness. That is, not necessarily emotional emptiness, but conceptual emptiness. With titles such as "Illumination of the Further Shore" and "Signless I", this is made more clear. The song title "Twilit: Cast the Brush Aside, Stars Descend" was inspired the poem of a Zen monk shortly before passing away. As with much of Memex's previous titles, emptiness, the void, and similar discussions have been a central inspiration.

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