Obluda is a reference to a story told in Monster, which is a dark and psychological anime about a very influential psychopath and a cult's delusional intentions to use him for their destructive purposes. Obluda, in turn, is a series of dark and ambient tracks which are characterized by distortions, choral exploration, breakbeat and dubstep percussion, and melancholic depth. Obluda takes some quotes from Monster, and incorporates them as a theme throughout. In a sense, Obluda is an auditory dramatization of the chaotic and lost nature of Monster.

The cover image is of Johan, the psychopath and the main antagonist of the anime Monster. It is an image from an episode in which Johan reaches out to another child to save him in order to later use him. Obluda was originally released in mid 2014, and lasted until late 2014, sometimes soon before Complex by Memex was created. Obluda is a reference to a story about a nameless monster from the anime Monster.


About the tracks


Each track in Obluda was named in early 2017, being that the original names were a series of roman numerals in parts. The original files of Obluda were unintentionally lost. The tracks re-released by Memex are from a previous project called Mansion of Red Roses, a reference to a violent cult’s mansion in Monster. The tracks are mostly ambient, incorporating breakbeat and dubstep percussion, depending upon the genre. As such, each varies. Usually a deep bass accompanied by a piano melody, usually with some form of vocals; at other times, as a replacement for the bass, a distorted guitar is used. The tracks were mastered using industrial settings, and as such, Obluda becomes darker than most other albums among Memex. Overall, Obluda can best be described as dark electronic ambient music.

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