Medicine itself is not taboo. The illnesses treated are often times taboo. The patient may take on a role, and act as though they are a patient. They may often do this with their diagnosis. Medicine is more than pharmaceuticals. They have shown benefits, and have ended lives. Addiction, overmedication, inadequate prescribing methods, euthanasia or suicide, permanent side effects. Save my life, help me heal, let me live, do it again. It is not dualistic, necessarily. For the lamp to shine, there must be darkness. Medicine has brought us many historically impossible benefits, and some caring humans. Medicine is the album that is a continuation of the tracks and collection from Memex.


Medicine is the fourteenth album to come from Memex over the course of 3.5 years. It begins with a track called Identity, after the psychological concepts surrounding it.


The quote is from Elfen Lied, an anime about a woman torn by her destructive past and the destructive pattern that she now inflicts.

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